Order Changes: 
For the After and Noon, we are currently not accepting order changes at this time. This is to minimize/prevent any errors on our end. Please understand.

When is time of delivery?
For a 100-150 unit run, we estimate 5 months, but it is very possible that fulfillment time can expand beyond this, especially as a result of the current worldwide pandemic. Please bear with us, as we will provide as many updates as possible during the whole process. We have have participated in many group buys ourselves and understand how frustrating it is when the group buy runners are unreachable or unresponsive. Rest assured that we will avoid this.

Why didn't I win the raffle?
We try our absolute best to be fair during raffles. This means that we try to be as objectively random as possible when selecting entries. If you don't end up getting a raffle spot for a board you really want, please don't fret; our goal is to get our designs to as many people as possible, assuming the demand is there. We will always have extras sales and are always open to R2's.

We see this question asked almost every day for group buys that have just ended on almost all vendor discords. Extras will be available AFTER group buy and WHEN announced. No other specific time frame will be specified.

Can I modify my order to add more parts?
Past the order modification window that we set, we will not allow any further change to orders. However, we plan to stock as many components of our boards as necessary (plates, pcbs, etc.). This means that if you want an extra PCB and plate, rest assured you will be able to get them from the source, and that you will not have to pay flip price. Currently for the AfterNoon, we are not allowing order changes.

<insert reason here>. Can I get a refund/order cancellation?
No. We are not allowing order cancellations or refunds. This is stated on our Shopify store front and GeekHack post. A paid group buy spot represents a financial agreement between vendor and buyer. Cancellation of a group buy spot (especially after the window of order modifications) implies a sudden termination of said agreement and also depicts unprofessionalism. It is also somewhat of a given that refunds/cancellations will be very rare, especially in small GBs like this one.