After | Noon Keyboard Kits

  • There should be no immediately visible scuffs or scratches on the exterior surfaces of the keyboard when fully assembled.
  • There may be minor machining, tooling, and hook spots or areas on the interior surfaces of the keyboard.
  • There may be blemishes on non-exterior sections of the keyboard that are not visible when fully assembled.

Knob N' Block

  • There may be variation in color between EACH Knob and Blocker. This is the nature of the finish and cannot be avoided.
  • The Blocker may have a brushed, unpolished texture on parts that are not visible when it is part of a fully assembled board.
  • The Knob may have minor blemishes on its interior surfaces.
  • There should be no obvious blemishes or scuffs that are apart from the nature of PVD finishing.


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